Kraftwerk – live again

Here’s the continuation of our Kraftwerk adventure. The brainchild of Hubert Zemler, a set of low-key, non-electronic covers of Kraftwerk songs – is now a trio effort, as Wojtek Traczyk joins us on bass, to perform new versions of these amazing tunes. It was originally commissioned by the Polish Radio 2, as part of the “At home with Radio 2” series (check it out here: Domówka z Dwójką). We presented the new arrangements as part of Program 2’s birthday celebration, playing a show at the amazing Lutosławski Studio in Warsaw.

Setlist – times:

1:30 – Elektrisches Roulette
10:37 – Neonlicht
15:52 – Das Model
21:10 – Spiegelsaal
31:08 – Menschmaschine
36:53 – Computerliebe
41:37 – Ohm Sweet Ohm

Photos: Cezary Piwowarski.

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