“San Pedro” – the video

Another single and video from our band/collective/project: Dom.

What is “San Pedro” about? Aleksandra Cieślak, who wrote the lyrics for the entire album, thinks that Aldous Huxley answers this question best:

“I continued to look at the flowers, and in their living light I seemed to detect the qualitative equivalent of breathing — but of a breathing without returns to a starting point, with no recurrent ebbs but only a repeated flow from beauty to heightened beauty, from deeper to ever deeper meaning”.

– Aldous Huxley / The Doors of Perception

The video stars: Anna Juniewicz and Wojciech Matejko
(plus me, as the accidental coffee shop patron)
Directed by: Jarosław Paczyński & Aleksandra Cieślak
Igor Kaczmarek – editing, Kacper Świderski – colour grading

Some behind the scenes photos:

More about the song:

I had a great time arranging the melody and backing vocals for “San Pedro”, as I quickly realized it would be yet another song I co-wrote with Bartek, that would be super easy to write and demo… and then extremely hard to perform and record.
The key example of these would have to be “Thingsimnot” from Baaba’s “Disco Externo” album, a song in which my vocal recording was famously (and intentionally) nudged an 8th (or 16th?!) of a note forward or backward in the mix, making it virtually impossible to perform it live without either dying of laughter or stopping after 6 bars.
But seriously – Bartek leaves these very open, free structures in his music, and they always give me the urge to go crazy, and do things that are a lot more intricate. So what, if I have to sweat in the studio, trying to recreate them. It’s worth it.
There’s another testament to how flexible San Pedro is: we had to re-arrange the vocals for the live show, and created a beautiful 2-voice version of the song with Maniucha Bikont, that suited our voices and worked well live.

Listen to the whole album: https://id.ffm.to/dom_dom


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