Here is our personal take on Jacek Kaczmarski’s “Litany”, recorded for Dom Spotkań z Historią (The House for Meeting History), as part of the celebration of the free elections of June 4th 1989, and the “Listen, It’s Freedom” campaign.
On the flip side of the “Freedom Single” you will find the song “Jeżeli” (“If”) originally by Armia, interpreted by Paulina Przybysz. Both songs were selected in a poll. I am very happy that me and the band (the indefatigable Wojtek Traczyk and Robert Rasz) had the opportunity to tackle such a beautiful lyric. We approached it with as much freedom as we felt we could afford. We also loved recording at Studio Dwa Domy, with Igor Nikiforow and Michał Kupicz.

Here’s the single on streaming platforms:
Here’s the youtube version (both songs):

Music and lyrics: Jacek Kaczmarski

Gaba Kulka  – vocals, keyboards, arrangement
Wojciech Traczyk – bass, double bass
Robert Rasz – drums

Produced by – Igor Nikiforow
Mix & Mastering – Michał Kupicz

Recorded and mixed at Studio Dwa Domy

Finally, a little behind the scenes and making-of segment (in Polish). We attempt to answer what freedom is and bring some context to our versions of these classic eighties songs.



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