“Noc” and the Christmas show

Noc - Filipka Rutkowska


We’re mere days away from the shortest day of the year. We will be looking out of the our windows upon night, night, and more night on top of it. I think it’s important to remind ourselves, why this is when we celebrate “our” holidays – when there is the least light. Perhaps there are places that can only be reached in the deep dark.
“Choć przed oczami mrok, to w sercu jasność”.

“There is darkness infront of my eyes, but inside the heart it’s light”.

I wrote the music for “Noc” (the night), before we could expect “Dom” to turn into a proper band and a proper album. It was winter, as well, and we were preparing a theatrical performance to take place in the window of an apartement house overlooking a brightly lit street. Aleksandra Cieślak’s lyrics already sounded like songs, and the chords and melodies practically wrote themselves.

I’m very happy you can finally hear the song. I would like it to whisper into your ear: “The road is written in your heart. Go forward boldly”.

Here’s a beautiful video, starring the phenomenal Filipka Rutkowska. It was directed by Piękny Aleksandra Jakubczak and Wojciech Sobolewski.


Lyrics: Aleksandra Cieślak
Music (piano, voice): Gaba Kulka
Icy soundscape: Bartosz Weber
Recorded at: Studio Dwa Domy
Released by Karrot Kommando
Aleksandra Cieślak
Bartosz Weber
Dwa Domy

Video produced by “Grupa Sielce”: Wojciech Sobolewski, Aleksandra Jakubczak, and Paweł Lipka. Starring Filipka Rutkowska.

(Photo montage Wojciech Sobolewski)

Christmas show

On December 23rd, 6 PM, live from Polish Radio 2 – Dwójka: A special, holiday concert for you, involving voice, piano, double bass, drums, three saxophones (not to mention the ukulele, stylophone, omnichord and glockenspiel).

I picked a wild variety of christmas-adjascent material and Wojtek Traczyk arranged it beautifully. We will be joined by Marcin Gańko, Jarosław Bothur, Tomasz Duda and, obviously, Robert Rasz.

Join us on Radio 2 – and their Youtube channel (the video is still up).



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