Opening for Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley!

Great News. I will have the enormous pleasure to play a few songs, opening for Amanda Palmer & Jason Webley in Prague. The gig’s at  Palac Akrpolis , Wednesday May 5th 7PM . HURRAY!

Meanwhile, we’re in a distant studio (ex-mill building) with the illustrious Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski (Janek
Mlynarski, Piotrek Zabrodzki, Kuba Galinski, Marian Wroblewski, Wojtek
Traczyk, Jose Manuel Alban Juarez!) – recording an album which will be out on 10.10.10 (meaning – this October). Songs
of Wojciecha Młynarskiego, arranged in a wild, wild variety of ways
– we’re recording almost entirely live, it’s going to rock. More about that soon!

The nearest album premiere, however is the  BAABA KULKA! Tribute Iron Maiden record.  Finally recorded, and ready to go out to you as a CD + DVD combo. In JUNE! Get ready!

In other news, apparently I just won the Fryderyk award for vocalist of the year. Um, cheers.

take a look at the upcoming shows, there’s a lot of new ones. Together
with Robert Rasz & Wojtek Traczyk we will open for Suzanne Vega
twice! Very excited!
And DON’T FORGET about the London Cargo show, please. If you’re in London or the wherabouts! May 15th!


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