Hat, Rabbit newly remasterd LP!

Hat Rabbit cover

“Hat, rabbit” will be released as an LP for the first time!
Ten years ago, we recorded and released an album that changed the course of my musical life. One of those rare moments when, after years of work, the right time, the right place and above all, the right people connect and form a new, fortunate constellation. I’m pretty sure you know me thanks to “Hat, rabbit”!
Now my first gold album will be released in black, on vinyl for the first time. I decided to listen to it anew, and so Marcin Bors and I returned to the original mixes and (rich with the experiences of the albums we made together since), we gave it a slightly different tone. Changes are subtle, it’s more of a new viewing angle, than a whole make over. We treated the cover in a similar fashion. I hope the whole thing gives you as much joy as it gave us!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some concert dates to accompany the 10th anniversary celebration!


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