Gaba’s lyrics for other artists

Cover teksty dla innych

Dear ones, I’m eagerly awaiting the premiere of Natalia Kukulska’s new album “Czułe struny” – I wrote the lyrics for one of the songs (“Ktoś całkiem nowy” and I am wildly pleased with the result. This inspired me to put together a playlist of songs off other artists’ albums I  wrote lyrics for.
Each time I write for other people or to other people’s music, it is a unique challenge and a learning opportunity totaly unlike writing for myself (even if in a few cases I end up singing the song anyway, as a guest vocalist).
You’ll mostly find other people singing my lyrics on this playlist. In a few cases I’m singing myself, as a guest on other artists’ albums. Sometimes I wrote part of the music. The playlist features tracks from Hey, Marcelina, Piotr Zioła, Smolik, Reni Jusis, Kucz/Bilińska, Daniel Bloom and Kaszebe.

Playlists on Spotify / Deezer / Apple Music:  

Here are two tracks which are unavailable in streaming, but I love them so much I had to inslude them. I wrote the lyrics and sing both of them, and they come from the albums of Levity (with Toshinori Kondo) and Baaba, respectively:

I have to add, that finding the old lyric notebooks to take the picture of my ugly handwriting made me tear up a little. I vividly remember writing the lyrics to “Forget Me Not” on a freezeing bus, while going to a remote bathroom and kitchen tiles showroom (still working as an interior designer). If I could imagine then the final version sung by Emmanuelle Seigner, I’d sure feel warmer!


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