Heard the Light

(music/lyrics: Gaba Kulka)

I found dangerous evidence against my sanity
and I found it with my headphones on walking down the street
and I didn't see the light
but I think I've heard it if I heard you right

Bright red prickly velvet if you know what I mean
I know you know what I mean
and boys learn what the girls knew all along
when they're taking it in
I know they're taking it in
and people stand and stare
when I prick my ears and think I find you
I prick my ears and think I find i'm six again
and (I'm calling my dad to come and) flip the record to the other side
'cause the needle's really fragile
and I'm not allowed to touch
It's all : sleeping beauty - spinning wheel

I think it's time to wake up

I've met a man named eleven
it's a funny name but the rest is ordinary head to toe
he's taught me things I'd never heard before
it's like opening up the door and there is something
new there every time

And he hadn't seen the light
but i think he's heard it if I heard him right