(music/lyrics: Gaba Kulka)

I lost my voice
I'm just like yesterday's papers
that don't make a point of any of the news they bring

I'm like urgent loveletters
lost in the mail
arriving that so much a little toolate
when they do not mean a thing

And Emily wrote
about 'Love's stricken why'
the words that she used
were a little obtuse
but never a lie
Hugest hearts doth break
like a piece of cake

I lost my heart
who would have thought something broken
was so hard to guard

The absence is heavy
it's pressing like air
I'm a ghost of a nobody
who's not even there
not even there

(late as we all for our own funeral)

and Emily tell me
is all this a lie
or do we at some point stop looking for things
we're not meant to find
or is he
on your