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Opening for Amanda Palmer this fall!

Attention! We are totally psyched to announce that Gaba Kulka + her Band will be opening for Amanda Fucking Palmer this fall in Warsaw and Cracow.



I'm reeling with glee. See you there! 
More news and www overhaul soon - bear with me. Much love!


Merry Who.

The Saintbox - Luna

The Saintbox "Luna" Visual from Monsieur Zupika on Vimeo.

The Saintbox are:

Olo Walicki,

Gaba Kulka

Maciek Szupica

Gigs, A-ha, and backcombed glory...

There are more than a few shows coming up before the end of the year, most of them in Lodz. Do check them out.

I also wanted to thank everyone who had fun with us at the 80's themed dance party at hotel Victoria. The backcombed hair would not lose its vertical tendencies even after soaking and washing. Here's the evidence.

Mitch & Mitch feat. Gaba Kulka - A-ha "Take On Me":

For facebook users, here are some wonderful photos  Michała Murawskiego took during the whole event (

Last Sunday those of you who attended the Julia Marcell show in Stodola had a bit of a surprise: I was invited to sing two songs with Julia and the band. We finally had a chance to replay our David Bowie cover we first played in Prague ("Space Oddity"), plus we did Julia's "Crows", my personal favourite. If you missed this, don't be sad, we are bound to do stuff with Julia again sometime in the future!

foto. M. Stajewski

Amanda Palmer talks about "Hat, Rabbit"

As many of You know Amanda Palmer put a stunningly beautiful album out this month. It's called  "Theatre Is Evil" (GET. IT. HERE. ). I have adored Amanda ever since I heard "Yes, Virginia". It's been a while since then and I am telling you: THIS album is untouchable. You have to hear it (and if you read the above link carefully you'll see there is no excuse for not having it.)
And so I am sorry, but I simply have to share the joy and pride I felt after reading a recent interview with Amanda (link). [...and forgive me if it sounds a bit out of character - I re-translate this back into English, so, yeah.]

You played with Gaba Kulka i Prague. How did that happen?

Amanda: I'm a big fan of hers. She sent me some of her work and I thought she was an amazing artist. I loved her album "Hat, Rabbit". I was obsessed with that record, I listened to it for the following two or three weeks. I fell in love with Gaba's voice. We got in touch and tried to figure out how to play a couple of shows together. When I knew I was coming to Prague I wrote to her that we won't make it to Poland, but maybe she'd like to come to the Czech republic. We're mostly in touch through Twitter. I'm a big fan.

Can I just say... ROCK! \m/ -_- \m/ ?

In other, a bit less egocentric news:
(more below)

The Saintbox in Vilnius

This Saturday, September 15th  we're going to play in Vilnius with The Saintbox. We are VERY psyched.
This is part of the "Danzig Days in Vilnius", you can read more about it here (Polish and Lithuanian, sorry)  LINK!
We're playing at the Arts Printhouse (Menu Spaustuve) 5PM
Šiltadaržio skg. 6
Admission FREE

So, accordingly, the September concert schedule is as follows...

Thank you Denver!

Dear All! Thank you VERY much for your warm welcome in Cracow.
All the best from the Baaba feat. Gaba Kulka feat. Bunio feat. Aga Murawska feat. Piotr Domagalski supergroup.
Here's some visual evidence.


For facebook users - a lovely album of photos from the gig

Baaba feat Gaba feat Bunio feat...

Next Sunday, August 19th we will play a very special gig at the Radio Cracow Summer Stage.

Baaba, with myself, Bunio and a few other guests will perform hits. Both in Polish and in foreign. We kick off at 6 PM. It's free, but the space is limited - come to Radio Cracow's open air stage!

Here's some more late-summer, early-autumn upcoming gigs!

August 30th - Sandomierz (castle courtyard) 7:30 PM - Gaba Kulka with band

September 8th -  Katowice (former railway station PKP) hour tbc
-  The Saintbox
September 23rd - Kielce (Kieleckie Centrum Kultury) 8 PM - The Saintbox

(TBC!) September 28th Bytów, 29th Poznan  - The Saintbox

September 30th - Warsaw (Fabryka Trzciny) hour tbc
- Charity show for the Warsaw Children's Hospital (all proceeds from tickets go to the hospital, details coming soon!)

Some more (but not yet all) details can be found here . I will post updates as soon as I have them. See you at the gigs!

Second Saintbox Single / Summer gigs

Last week we premiered the second single off the Saintbox album.
"Comfort, Credit, Image"

It is (next to "Third Coming") my most beloved track from the album. I enclose the lyrics at the end of this message.
If you like the song, DO share it.
I am often asked (through "Fan questions" and email) why a particular song isn't featured by your favourite radio station. Power to the people. If you'll feel good when your fav song airs on the radio, do molest those nice DJs out there. Or just go partisan and spread the song all on your own.

You can listen to/buy the whole album here

And now!
To the summer gigs.

The Saintbox will play:
Heineken Open'er Festival
Friday 6. July, 11:30 PM
Alter Space

BYOB (bring your own beamer)
Sunday 15. July, 10:00 PM
Dlugi Targ street (near the Instytut Kultury Miejskiej)

T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty
International Film Festival
Sunday 22. July, 10 PM
Arsenal, Cieszynskiego 9
(with special guests!)

(The Saintbox, Łódź, foto: Piotr Miecznikowski)

In the meantime, if you're in Warsaw nad wherabouts, let me invite you to a tiny, picnic style open air solo gig in Lomianki:

Lemon Tree
Friday, 13 July, 8 PM
Zachodnia 38, Lomianki-Dabrowa

Stranger still, on August 19th at Radio Cracow (in er... Cracow) I will join the super group Baaba featuring Gaba Kulka featuring Bunio. (not sure if Bunio fetures in me while I feature in Baaba, like a musical matrioshka of sorts, but you can get a taste of what bits of it will be likeHERE).

In a similar company, we will venture to the Ukraine in October, to play the UA/PL Alternative Music Meatings. more on that later!


I'm still broadcasting from Taipei. This Saunday I will play a goodbye gig at the TAV (Taipei Artist Village). Please come! There will be a goodbye party. Here's the facebook event, we start at 20:30
Hurray! The Saintbox will play the Opener Festival this July in Gdynia! We don't have an exact DAY yet, but it is official. Let us rejoice!
Festivals come in all shapes an sizes, but it is the giant ones that occupy our festival-awareness most of the time. STILL you do get a fair share of small-ish and less-famous ones which rock just as hard, explode with awesomeness and are full of charisma despite a small posture (think... Peter Dinklage of festivals). Green ZOO is looking to be one such festival! Check the website, check the line up, this is going to be FUN!
And so it is with pleasure that I announce that I will have a very special opportunity to hold a meeting/Q&A/brainpicking session during Green ZOO. It will be on Saturday May 26th, and if you are a songwriter/musician, and you were ever curious about any part of my creative process/DIY story/artistic strategy or lack therof / etc...? - it's exactly the thing for you.
The entry will be limited to 30 people and you need to drop a message to by May 23rd, letting her know about your musical activities and your eagerness to participate in the meeting. Also, the meeting will be available to people with a Green ZOO Festival ticket/wristband.
Last but not least. SUMMER SHOWS (not all of them. I will post more Saintbox gig news and some orchestra dates - SOON!)
Please check
...for all details!
I'll be playing in various line-ups in Cracow, Wsola, Poznan, Warsaw and Tychy...