"Hat, rabbit" will be released as an LP for the first time!
Ten years ago, we recorded and released an album that changed the course of my musical life. One of those rare moments when, after years of work, the right time, the right place and above all, the right people connect and form a new, fortunate constellation. I'm pretty sure you know me thanks to "Hat, rabbit"!
Now my first gold album will be released in black, on vinyl for the first time. I decided to listen to it anew, and so Marcin Bors and I returned to the original mixes and (rich with the experiences of the albums we made together since), we gave it a slightly different tone. Changes are subtle, it's more of a new viewing angle, than a whole make over. We treated the cover in a similar fashion. I hope the whole thing gives you as much joy as it gave us!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some concert dates to accompany the 10th anniversary celebration!

The premiere

Today's the day!
I will make this as brief as possible, so we can for once focus o the music, and not the "news":

Our new album, "Kruche" is out today. I will be delighted if it reaches your ears. 
Here are the available formats:

digital (Bandcamp) /

CD /

LP + 7'' /

Here's what the CD looks like:

"Still" - teledysk

Or you can watch it on Vimeo

Here it is. Our first video off the album, created by the wonderful Mads Hemmingsen. Brainstorming the ideas for the final look of this beautiful pixel-art film, I delved into bottomless pits of nostalgia. Mads did all the hard work, and I just luxuriated in the nerdiness of our retro-gaming trip. We're so proud of it, and dream of palying "Kruche" day and night.

On top of all this, I have for you the first dates of our "Kruche" tour. I'm very excited and can't wait to see you at the shows:

Tomorrow, August 29th, our first single will premiere on the waves of Polish Radio 3 (Trójka). "Still" will be the song of the day and you'll be able to catch it several times.  

Tomorrow is Big News Day - we'll show you something super special and we'll let you know our plans for the autumn. Stay tuned, and remember to subscribe to the newsletter at  http://gabakulka.fanbridge.com/

New album, "Kruche"

With great pleasure, I'm sending out the news that my new album "Kruche" (brittle) will be out on September 9th 2016. In the coming weeks I will share more information about the record. 

Here's video trailer.

(or on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/176911669)

The album was produced by Marcin Bors with me, and I was joined by my long-time cohorts, who had lent their talent to my songs both onstage and in the studio: Robert Rasz, Wojtek Traczyk and Wacław Zimpel.

You can pre-order physical copies of the album though the shop at Mystic Production . It's available in nice, exclusive bundles of: CD / notebook / pin-badges, and an LP vinyl album with an accompanying 7'' single.

It feels really good to be coming back to you with new sounds.

"How We Disappear"

...is a track from the new album by Daniel Bloom ("Lovely Fear") - I wrote the lyrics and sang the song. A gorgeous video, directed by Kaludiusz Chrostowski, starring Magdalena Berus (and a tiny little bit of yours truly):

(also available on vimeo: https://vimeo.com/145863606 )


We're launching a competition today, and you can win some one-of-a-kind prizes. Please, read on.

As you know, last week we released an animated video I'd made myself, to accompany our last single "The Escapist".
Most of these drawings and hand painted lyrics were destroyed in the process of making it (as you can see in the video), BUT a few nice ones survived. Now they can be yours, signed, so that each time that frame comes up, you can jump up and say: "I've got this on my wall. Gaba drew it". ;)


Details follow.

(read more...)

More... Competition!

I no longer record my albums exclusively in my living room (like the 2006 debut "Out". Oops, quite an anniversary coming up), but I decided to make the video-accompaniment for the new single on my own.  2300 photos and a dozen pop-culture references later I proudly present The Escapits lyrics video. (It's the title track, and if you still haven't heard the whole album, it's out there - http://gabakulka.bandcamp.com/album/the-escapist). I do hope you like it! DIY 4EVER.
Gaba Kulka - The Escapist (lyrics video)


(Problem with Youtube? https://vimeo.com/gabakulka/the-escapist )

Attanetion! We will soon hold a competition related to the video. The prizes are (literally) one of a kind. Don't miss the next e-mail, or watch http://facebook.com/kulkagaba closely.

Do remember about our spring tour, if you are in these wherabouts.
http://www.bandsintown.com/GabaKulka - See you there!

After a short spell of winter sleep we return with The Escapist for a spring tour. Stay tuned for details: places/hours.  See you at the shows!

19.02 Zawiercie

08.03 Gdańsk /with Julia Marcell
13.03 Leszno
20.03 Warszawa
24.03 Wrocław PPA
25.03 Oleśnica

09.04 Poznań
10.04 Konin
11.04 Kalisz
12.04 Krotoszyn
15.04 Elbląg
16.04 Wejherowo
17.04 Żyrardów
30.04 Augustów

In the meantime... we're getting something special ready to accompany our shaking off the winter sleep. (click to enlarge)


escapist-surprise1.jpg escapist-surprise2.jpg
escapist-surprise3.jpg escapist-surprise4.jpg


The Escapist 2015

Happy New Year!

Our January gig schedule looks colourful. After an intense autumn/winter tour (glimpses of whcih you could see here: http://blog.gabakulka.com) we're going to try to make up for the places we haven't visited with "The Escapist" yet. Plus, we'll play two shows with repertoirs hailing from two other records: one by Kucz/Kulka, the other Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski.
Jan 11th, 5 PM, Muzeum Witolda Gombrowicza, Wsola (trio)

Jan 15th, 9PM, Zmiana Klimatu, Białystok (trio)

Jan 16th, 8PM, Jazz Club Papaja, Ełk (trio)

[CORRECTION] Jan 18th, 6PM, Centrum Koncertowo Wystawiennicze w Narolu, Narol, with Kucz/Kulka

Jan 31st, hour TBC, Teatr na Plaży, Sopot, Młynarski Plays Młynarski

In other news:
"The Escapist" made it to a couple of "end of year" lists, Bartek Chaciński's blog among them, where it was mentioned among a beautiful bunch of albums tagged: "must know". The company is quite wonderful (it includes Wacla Zimpel's stunning record) check it out. We are very pleased.

In the press: The January issue of "Wysokie Obcasy Extra" has a lengthy interview in Polish, a cover, and some pretty cool, fairy-tale'ish photos.

wysokie_obcasy_1wysokie_obcasy_2There's another lengthy interview (also in Polish) and a bunch of nice pictures in "Miasto Kobiet" - you can see them online as well.

(click to enlarge)

LP podpisy!

LP - premiera 2

Dear all, as of yesterday The Escapist is available on vinyl (try saing these last two, repeatedly, really fast). My first LP! It's big, lovely, and it smells of New. It's been separately mastered for vinyl. It contains a download code for a more portable format.

Happy Album Premiere Day. It's a big deal to me and the whole band: Wacław Zimpel, Robert Rasz i Wojtek Traczyk (not forgetting our "fifth beatle" Marcin Bors).

You can order the album via Mystic Production, our label:
It's also on BANDCAMP as high quality files of your choice (with PDF booklet) http://music.gabakulka.com/album/the-escapist
Depending on your location, you might also catch it on itunes a itunes http://bit.ly/1qFvBnE.

Get a copy. I'm insanely proud of this album.

And we have even better news for you.
We shot a beautiful video for "Wielkie Wrazenie". Mads Hemmingsen directed, Barbara Kaniewska filmed.
Watch it (and read the whole credits) on  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fk4RgHmTFwQ
or, if that doesn't work for you, on

Thank you for all your faith and support.

The video shoot!

We're working on the video - Mads Hemmingsen is directing, and we're using hectolitres of smoke machine liquid. The wonderful Justyna Jaworska documented part of the process.
You can see more photos at http://blog.gabakulka.com/tagged/video-making-of

foto: Justyna Jaworska

foto: Justyna Jaworska

foto: Justyna Jaworska

"Wielkie Wrazenie"

You are welcome to listen and download the first single off the new album. 
If you care to share, here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/gabakulka/wielkie-wrazenie

For those of you who like youtube as a music player (I... respect that...): http://youtu.be/KH2UcSMdElM

If you like it a lot, you can also vote for the song on Radio 3's Chart [Polish]: http://bit.ly/wrazenie-trojka

As mentioned before, it is the most eighties-leaning bit of the album: The electric percussion, the solina keyboard, the slide bass guitar. The title means "Big Impression", and basically, it is a song about an all-encompassing feeling of elation, love, and longing, how we clumsily try to hide it in order to live a normal life and how ultimately, this suffocates us. "Everything makes a big impression on me - you throw pearls before swine, I prefer swine to the pearls - in this animal awe I can see no evil".

It is my great pleasure to inform you, that after many months of intense work, we're releasing my new studio album, "The Escapist" on September 8th, on Mystic Production. 

"Brave, restless, and deeply personal, ?The Escapist" musically draws from seventies sound, while keeping its eyes firmly on the present. It is Gaba's first album of original songs in five years."

The album will appear as CD / vinyl LP and high quality files. We came up with a special bundle for the pre-sale: autographed CD accompanied by a tote bag, 4 pins (these are really cool) and a sticker. 

You can pre-order now::

  CD / vinyl LP (out on September 30th) / lossless FLAC / MP3
and the special bundle.



(read more...)

More... The Escapist - new studio album

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