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Gaba Kulka sings, writes songs, and plays the piano. Not to abuse the omnipresent "alternative" tag, let's call her music progressive pop: a motley mixture of styles, from jazz, to piano rock, to weillesque cabaret. She has written and recorded two albums, critically acclaimed and wonderfully received by an ever growing audience. Awarded with the Polish 'grammy' (Fryderyk), Polish Radio 3 Award (Mateusz), Trans Vocale Award 2010, and a Polityka's 'Passport' nomination, she continues to play live and partake in numerous genre-bending projects ranging from electronica to heavy-metal covers. She is often praised for her musical imagination, great vocal ability.

A little longer...

Her first official release was Out (2006), but it was her full-band debut Hat, Rabbit (2009), produced by Marcin Bors, which introduced Gaba to a wider audience. She was signed to Mystic Production, and the album achieved gold status a few months after its premiere.
Far from considering this a sign to settle for the style which brought her success, Gaba has been reinventing her musical identity ever since. Already in 2009 she released another album - Sleepwalk recorded with electro/ambient composer Konrad Kucz, as Kucz/Kulka. Gaba wrote the melodies and the lyrics, and the album sealed her reputation as an eclectic and intriguing artist.

She eagerly collaborates with other musicians:

In 2010 she signed on as the lead singer of the Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski project, recording Rebeka nie zejdzie dzis na kolacje, featuring classic songs of Wojciech Mlynarski, recorded by his son, Jan.
Baaba Kulka
realesed in 2011, was the fruit of Gaba's collaboration with the band Baaba (...obviously), containing their highly unconventional covers of Iron Maiden songs. The record (with the accompanying concert DVD) was released internationally, and the album premiere was celebrated by playing a friendly match: Baaba Kulka And Friends vs The Press (the band won). Baaba and Gaba continue their musical friendship - in 2013 they released an EP of near-forgotten polish big-beat tunes, as Baaba, Gabriela i Michał  - "Piastelsi".

On a completely different note,The Saintbox (2012) was the result of her work with bassist and composer Olo Walicki, and visual artist Maciek Szupica. The Saintbox had been conceived over a year before, as an audio-visual piece inspired by elements of the ritual and the sacred. The album, recorded with Macio Moretti on drums and The Gdansk Philharmonic Brass, and containing Gaba's lyrics sung in four languages - has been praised as her most mature and ambitious project to date.

Apart from that, Gaba appeared (both as singer and songwriter) on albums by Levity, Czeslaw Spiewa, Reni Jusis, Karimski Club, Baaba (her song remixed by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Max Tundra), and Smolik (her lyrics sung by Emmanuelle Seigner). Working with Marcin Bors, she composed and recorded backing vocals for Maryla Rodowicz's album of Agnieszka Osiecka songs (Buty 2) . In 2012 she co-wrote and sang a song on the Hey album "Do rycerzy, do szlachty, doo mieszczan").

Since 2009, Gaba Kulka has performed a couple of hunderd shows around Poland.
She sang Czeslaw Niemen's songs in Sopot, Serge Gainsbourg's songs at the National Opera, and Madonna covers at Chlodna 25.
She opened shows for Amanda Palmer, Hanne Hukkelberg and Suzanne Vega, and performed onstage alongside Jason Webley, Marcus Miller, Mitch&Mitch and Leszek Możdżer. She has played in London, Berlini, Cologne, Frankfurt, Prague, Oslo and Taipei.

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