New video - The Escapist

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I no longer record my albums exclusively in my living room (like the 2006 debut "Out". Oops, quite an anniversary coming up), but I decided to make the video-accompaniment for the new single on my own.  2300 photos and a dozen pop-culture references later I proudly present The Escapits lyrics video. (It's the title track, and if you still haven't heard the whole album, it's out there - http://gabakulka.bandcamp.com/album/the-escapist). I do hope you like it! DIY 4EVER.
Gaba Kulka - The Escapist (lyrics video)


(Problem with Youtube? https://vimeo.com/gabakulka/the-escapist )

Attanetion! We will soon hold a competition related to the video. The prizes are (literally) one of a kind. Don't miss the next e-mail, or watch http://facebook.com/kulkagaba closely.

Do remember about our spring tour, if you are in these wherabouts.
http://www.bandsintown.com/GabaKulka - See you there!

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