March 2015


We're launching a competition today, and you can win some one-of-a-kind prizes. Please, read on.

As you know, last week we released an animated video I'd made myself, to accompany our last single "The Escapist".
Most of these drawings and hand painted lyrics were destroyed in the process of making it (as you can see in the video), BUT a few nice ones survived. Now they can be yours, signed, so that each time that frame comes up, you can jump up and say: "I've got this on my wall. Gaba drew it". ;)


Details follow.

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More... Competition!

I no longer record my albums exclusively in my living room (like the 2006 debut "Out". Oops, quite an anniversary coming up), but I decided to make the video-accompaniment for the new single on my own.  2300 photos and a dozen pop-culture references later I proudly present The Escapits lyrics video. (It's the title track, and if you still haven't heard the whole album, it's out there - I do hope you like it! DIY 4EVER.
Gaba Kulka - The Escapist (lyrics video)


(Problem with Youtube? )

Attanetion! We will soon hold a competition related to the video. The prizes are (literally) one of a kind. Don't miss the next e-mail, or watch closely.

Do remember about our spring tour, if you are in these wherabouts. - See you there!