The Escapist 2015

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Happy New Year!

Our January gig schedule looks colourful. After an intense autumn/winter tour (glimpses of whcih you could see here: http://blog.gabakulka.com) we're going to try to make up for the places we haven't visited with "The Escapist" yet. Plus, we'll play two shows with repertoirs hailing from two other records: one by Kucz/Kulka, the other Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski.
Jan 11th, 5 PM, Muzeum Witolda Gombrowicza, Wsola (trio)

Jan 15th, 9PM, Zmiana Klimatu, Białystok (trio)

Jan 16th, 8PM, Jazz Club Papaja, Ełk (trio)

[CORRECTION] Jan 18th, 6PM, Centrum Koncertowo Wystawiennicze w Narolu, Narol, with Kucz/Kulka

Jan 31st, hour TBC, Teatr na Plaży, Sopot, Młynarski Plays Młynarski

In other news:
"The Escapist" made it to a couple of "end of year" lists, Bartek Chaciński's blog among them, where it was mentioned among a beautiful bunch of albums tagged: "must know". The company is quite wonderful (it includes Wacla Zimpel's stunning record) check it out. We are very pleased.

In the press: The January issue of "Wysokie Obcasy Extra" has a lengthy interview in Polish, a cover, and some pretty cool, fairy-tale'ish photos.

wysokie_obcasy_1wysokie_obcasy_2There's another lengthy interview (also in Polish) and a bunch of nice pictures in "Miasto Kobiet" - you can see them online as well.

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