September 2014

Happy Album Premiere Day. It's a big deal to me and the whole band: Wacław Zimpel, Robert Rasz i Wojtek Traczyk (not forgetting our "fifth beatle" Marcin Bors).

You can order the album via Mystic Production, our label:
It's also on BANDCAMP as high quality files of your choice (with PDF booklet)
Depending on your location, you might also catch it on itunes a itunes

Get a copy. I'm insanely proud of this album.

And we have even better news for you.
We shot a beautiful video for "Wielkie Wrazenie". Mads Hemmingsen directed, Barbara Kaniewska filmed.
Watch it (and read the whole credits) on
or, if that doesn't work for you, on

Thank you for all your faith and support.

The video shoot!

We're working on the video - Mads Hemmingsen is directing, and we're using hectolitres of smoke machine liquid. The wonderful Justyna Jaworska documented part of the process.
You can see more photos at

foto: Justyna Jaworska

foto: Justyna Jaworska

foto: Justyna Jaworska