"Wielkie Wrazenie"

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You are welcome to listen and download the first single off the new album. 
If you care to share, here's the link: https://soundcloud.com/gabakulka/wielkie-wrazenie

For those of you who like youtube as a music player (I... respect that...): http://youtu.be/KH2UcSMdElM

If you like it a lot, you can also vote for the song on Radio 3's Chart [Polish]: http://bit.ly/wrazenie-trojka

As mentioned before, it is the most eighties-leaning bit of the album: The electric percussion, the solina keyboard, the slide bass guitar. The title means "Big Impression", and basically, it is a song about an all-encompassing feeling of elation, love, and longing, how we clumsily try to hide it in order to live a normal life and how ultimately, this suffocates us. "Everything makes a big impression on me - you throw pearls before swine, I prefer swine to the pearls - in this animal awe I can see no evil".

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