The Escapist - new studio album

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It is my great pleasure to inform you, that after many months of intense work, we're releasing my new studio album, "The Escapist" on September 8th, on Mystic Production. 

"Brave, restless, and deeply personal, ?The Escapist" musically draws from seventies sound, while keeping its eyes firmly on the present. It is Gaba's first album of original songs in five years."

The album will appear as CD / vinyl LP and high quality files. We came up with a special bundle for the pre-sale: autographed CD accompanied by a tote bag, 4 pins (these are really cool) and a sticker. 

You can pre-order now::

  CD / vinyl LP (out on September 30th) / lossless FLAC / MP3
and the special bundle.




There are ten songs on the album.

1 The Escapist

2 Bad Wolf

3 Phantom Limb

4 Z Marcepana

5 Mastodon Heart

6 Wielkie Wrażenie

7 Character Actors

8 X

9 Christmas Party Song

10 Keep Your Eyes Peeled (Queens of the Stone Age)

We recorded it with the same band you know from my live shows, and last year's "Wersje" album:  Robert Rasz, Wojtek Traczyk and Wacław Zimpel. Marcin Bors helmed the production, recording and mixing. We've been discovering a new land here. I hope you'll join us.

The author of the beautiful piece included on the cover, inspired by Bunuel's "Simon of the Desert", is Mikołaj Chylak.

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