"A cat (or a she-cat?)"

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Two years ago, Olo Walicki (my The Saintbox cohort) invited me to take part in creating the musical part of the European Poet of Freedom award ceremony. Together with Waclaw Zimpel and Kuba Staruszkiewicz we performed a multilingual, abstract... sound-piece - to the beautiful poems of the nominated writers. A year later we had an oportunity to record it and now, thanks to Instytutu Kultury Miejskiej, it's been released as an album "Kot (czy też kotka?)" ("A cat (or a she-cat?)").  This might be the only record, ever, where you'll hear me (or my awkwardly multi-lingual alter ego - Allegra Kabuki) sing in albanian.  You can purchase the physical CD here: http://bit.ly/kot-czy-tez-kotka (by sending an email to piotr.mielcarek [at] ikm.gda.pl ). We're working on releasing it as a digital download.

KOT (CZY TEŻ KOTKA?) - video trailer

And here's another excerpt:

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