September 2012

As many of You know Amanda Palmer put a stunningly beautiful album out this month. It's called  "Theatre Is Evil" (GET. IT. HERE. ). I have adored Amanda ever since I heard "Yes, Virginia". It's been a while since then and I am telling you: THIS album is untouchable. You have to hear it (and if you read the above link carefully you'll see there is no excuse for not having it.)
And so I am sorry, but I simply have to share the joy and pride I felt after reading a recent interview with Amanda (link). [...and forgive me if it sounds a bit out of character - I re-translate this back into English, so, yeah.]

You played with Gaba Kulka i Prague. How did that happen?

Amanda: I'm a big fan of hers. She sent me some of her work and I thought she was an amazing artist. I loved her album "Hat, Rabbit". I was obsessed with that record, I listened to it for the following two or three weeks. I fell in love with Gaba's voice. We got in touch and tried to figure out how to play a couple of shows together. When I knew I was coming to Prague I wrote to her that we won't make it to Poland, but maybe she'd like to come to the Czech republic. We're mostly in touch through Twitter. I'm a big fan.

Can I just say... ROCK! \m/ -_- \m/ ?

In other, a bit less egocentric news:
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This Saturday, September 15th  we're going to play in Vilnius with The Saintbox. We are VERY psyched.
This is part of the "Danzig Days in Vilnius", you can read more about it here (Polish and Lithuanian, sorry)  LINK!
We're playing at the Arts Printhouse (Menu Spaustuve) 5PM
Šiltadaržio skg. 6
Admission FREE

So, accordingly, the September concert schedule is as follows...
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