July 2012
Last week we premiered the second single off the Saintbox album.
"Comfort, Credit, Image"


It is (next to "Third Coming") my most beloved track from the album. I enclose the lyrics at the end of this message.
If you like the song, DO share it.
I am often asked (through "Fan questions" and email) why a particular song isn't featured by your favourite radio station. Power to the people. If you'll feel good when your fav song airs on the radio, do molest those nice DJs out there. Or just go partisan and spread the song all on your own.

You can listen to/buy the whole album here http://thesaintbox.bandcamp.com

And now!
To the summer gigs.

The Saintbox will play:
Heineken Open'er Festival
Friday 6. July, 11:30 PM
Alter Space

BYOB (bring your own beamer)
Sunday 15. July, 10:00 PM
Dlugi Targ street (near the Instytut Kultury Miejskiej)

T-Mobile Nowe Horyzonty
International Film Festival
Sunday 22. July, 10 PM
Arsenal, Cieszynskiego 9
(with special guests!)

(The Saintbox, Łódź, foto: Piotr Miecznikowski)

In the meantime, if you're in Warsaw nad wherabouts, let me invite you to a tiny, picnic style open air solo gig in Lomianki:

Lemon Tree
Friday, 13 July, 8 PM
Zachodnia 38, Lomianki-Dabrowa

Stranger still, on August 19th at Radio Cracow (in er... Cracow) I will join the super group Baaba featuring Gaba Kulka featuring Bunio. (not sure if Bunio fetures in me while I feature in Baaba, like a musical matrioshka of sorts, but you can get a taste of what bits of it will be likeHERE).

In a similar company, we will venture to the Ukraine in October, to play the UA/PL Alternative Music Meatings. more on that later!