May 2012
I'm still broadcasting from Taipei. This Saunday I will play a goodbye gig at the TAV (Taipei Artist Village). Please come! There will be a goodbye party. Here's the facebook event, we start at 20:30
Hurray! The Saintbox will play the Opener Festival this July in Gdynia! We don't have an exact DAY yet, but it is official. Let us rejoice!
Festivals come in all shapes an sizes, but it is the giant ones that occupy our festival-awareness most of the time. STILL you do get a fair share of small-ish and less-famous ones which rock just as hard, explode with awesomeness and are full of charisma despite a small posture (think... Peter Dinklage of festivals). Green ZOO is looking to be one such festival! Check the website, check the line up, this is going to be FUN!
And so it is with pleasure that I announce that I will have a very special opportunity to hold a meeting/Q&A/brainpicking session during Green ZOO. It will be on Saturday May 26th, and if you are a songwriter/musician, and you were ever curious about any part of my creative process/DIY story/artistic strategy or lack therof / etc...? - it's exactly the thing for you.
The entry will be limited to 30 people and you need to drop a message to by May 23rd, letting her know about your musical activities and your eagerness to participate in the meeting. Also, the meeting will be available to people with a Green ZOO Festival ticket/wristband.
Last but not least. SUMMER SHOWS (not all of them. I will post more Saintbox gig news and some orchestra dates - SOON!)
Please check
...for all details!
I'll be playing in various line-ups in Cracow, Wsola, Poznan, Warsaw and Tychy...


I'm still in Taipei. We've added one tiny extra solo gig, in conncetion with the "pub" performacnce of the students I work with. It's on Tuesday.

Last week was full of good and bad news. The worst, to me, is the news of Adam Yauch's passing. I will never ever forget the impression the Beastie Boys made on me at the Open'er gig some years ago - it was raining cats and dogs, the mud practically pulled shoes off your feet, yet I spent a couple of (soaked) hours unable to wipe the grin off my face. Let me just say that "Hot Sauce Commitee pt 2" is the best sounding album in history, and when it came out last year I immediately dusted off the older CDs. But I don't think that is all - if you observe the outpouring of genuine sadness and grief after Yauch's death, even from people you'd never have guessed were BB fans, you'll just see that he was this incredibly charismatic person who accumulated, through what he did and how he did it, a massive cloud of positive energy around him. And we all wish that such people stay on our musical and human horizon throughut our lives, happily, ever after. That's why it is so hard to believe that we will never see or hear him again.

I don't know (by MCA) by Gaba Kulka

There's a sweet little song on "Hello Nasty" performed by MCA. I sat down in my Taipei hotel room yesterday with my uke and my computer, and recorded a little cover of it. It's called "I don't know" and I hope you forgive the sketchy nature of it. It helped me quite a bit, this is for you.