January 2012

Dear All. This Saturday marks the beginning of the 50th-anniversary celebrations of Radio 3 ! I am truly chuffed to announce that I have been invited to take part in the Saturady concert, which will pay tribute to the five decades of the station's history (I'm the 21st century part. How cool is that?) The concert will be broadcast live, and kicks off at 7 PM (CET) this Saturday (Jan 7th). I will play one song. You can listen to it live at http://polskieradio.pl/player

Radio 3 has been very important to me at various stages of my musical life (both before and after my first attempts at recording!). I first played a live broadcast gig at Radio 3's studio in 2007 - before "Out"s propoer distribution and two years before the recording of "Hat, Rabbit". Ancient history, isn't it? This is really lovely. Time flies, though.

On the same day (Jan 7th) I will be the guest of Kawa Czy Herbata at TVP1. We'll chat at about 9 am, and then around 10am I will play a song (no playback, but an unknown amount of reverb on the vocals).