May 2011

1. Let me start from the MOST important thing. The beautiful Galiny estate ( held a competition in order to pick names for the two mini shetland ponies they have in their stables (can I get an: "awwwww"?). First they decided upon 5 couples of names for the tiny mares and then they let people vote online, through their Facebook profile. One of the suggested pairs of names was Gaba and Kulka. And... it won. YEAH! So, from now on I'm not only a singer and songwriter. i am also a couple of mini shetland ponies. BEAT THIS! I'm trying to figure out a way to go there and be the godmother.)

2. Other, no less exciting news is that you can get the Baaba Kulka "walkman + cassette" super special edition at:
LADOabc shop  online (66 PLN)

In Warsaw at Sideone, Chmielna 21
and Asfaltshopie, Ogrodowa 31/35

You can also purchase the Baaba LP "Disco Externo" (non-maiden. I sing one song), and the SP with the remixes of "Things I'm Not" (- my vocals). The song was remixed by Greg Saunier (of Deerhoof) and Max Tundra, and it's absolutely beautiful. I'm incredibly psyched. you can hear a little bit of the Max Tundra remix in this little video depicting Baaba's vinyl pressing:

Winyle mozna zamówić równiez w LADO. Zestaw LP+EP kosztuje 60 PLN.

3. and...

You will be able to get all these at the summer Baaba Kulka shows. Here are the promised festival dates:
OPENER - 3 july
JAROCIN - 16 july
OFF - 5 july

4. And now, for the big international news.
Baaba Kulka CD is now available in:

UK, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Greece. It also comes out in Germany on June 20th. (it's distributed by the norwegian company INDIE and by Mystic itself, depending on the copuntry.

This makes me very happy.
...we already got a few reviews (here in german and in french)

Hurray. Merci. Danke.