March 2011

My Dears - it's here, it's here, the album, the video, the... match?!

(Gaba + Baaba aka Bartek Weber after raiding the Mystic office)

On the first day of spring, the Baaba Kulka album came out. And now it's available in Polish record stores (insluding this one) , but also available worldwide, as a download (mp3/FLAC/etc...) at Listen to it in its entirety and if you like what you hear, use the nifty 'share' button at Bandcamp. We certainly appreciate all your help in spreading the word!

There's the video, as well. "Aces high" edited from bits of concert footage from the DVD which accompanies the CD edition (direted by Kuba Kossak)

The cassettes and the special edition will be available soon at the live shows!

What's more, following the classic Maiden tradition, on April 8th, we will play a football match: Baaba Kulka and Friends vs. the Press. I hope we'll be able to stream it, because it's gonna be quite a show - most Baaba band members never, ever play footie and the last time I played, the score was 0:15 and I was at the gate, ok? Terrifying.
Roman Kostrzewski, Polish heavy metal legend agreed to be the referee, since he wears black anyway.