February 2011
It's big, it's yellow, it's the cover of the new Iron Maiden tribute album!

baaba kulka cover

AND here's the first single off the album, "Aces High".
You can listen to it and download it for free right here -


If you like it, please share it wherever you can. In exchange we offer lots of sweet, heavy metal love. (the above link has a wonderful little SHARE button witha  gazillion options) The song is already picking up some reviews on true metal forums worldwide. Our favourite? "This is the result of tolerating homosexuals." Win!

The album comes out on March 21. - in 4 formats:
- vinyl (LP)
- compact disc (CD)
and a limited edition of:
- cassette (!) (MC)... with an enclosed code for a download of the album, online (mp3/FLAC/Ogg Vorbis, etc...)

We will also have a super-extra-special edition of the album, consisting of 66 cassettes beautifully packaged with a walkman-type player (it fast-forwards, and it stops at the end of the side, automatically, plus it has bass-boost. Can I get a "whoa!" ?) This item will be available during the april shows and later (if there's any left), online.

Here are the tour dates, so far. More details soon.

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More... Aces High - free mp3 download and special edition details!

Dear all.
Behold Baaba Kulka.


foto: Monika Kmita
(click to enlarge)

...a band you've known quite well since the summer of 2008, when it debuted, (to much glee on the part of both Baaba's fans, my own fans, and, obviously, heavy metal fans worldwide) at Warsaw's Hard Rock Cafe, irresponsibly covering numerous Iron Maiden songs.
It was supposed to be a one off, merry romp. And it WAS, as you well remember, merry. However, we decided to continue, and eventually commit our cross-genre inventions to tape.

 By the end of 2009 we had played several more gigs, recorded a DVD, and steadily, as much as our respective concert and album schedules allowed, continued to lay down parts of the Iron Maiden record. (first drum recordings: september 2008, last mixing: december 2010. Not bad, huh?)

Now, with great pleasure, let me announce that Baaba Kulka's album, by the name of "Baaba Kulka", containing 10 Iron Maiden covers and a live DVD will be out on March 21st 2011, released by Mystic Production in various formats, including some you don't even remember existed, and a special edition that will blow your mind (or come running for your money back, I'm not sure).

The first single "Aces High" has already been mailed to radio stations so if you're in Poland, make sure to request it!

We will play some shows supporting the album, some of them before the premiere, stay tuned for dates!

If you use Facebook, make sure to "like" the following page:
...cause that's when most of the action will take place.

just to remind you, Baaba Kulka are:

Gaba Kulka (moi) - vocals, some keyboards
Bartosz Weber (also known from Mitch & Mitch) - guitar
Piotr Zabrodzki (whom you can admire on the Mlynarski Plays Mlynarski record - playing the piano) - base
Tomasz Duda (who, as you know, recorded some sax parts for "Hat, Rabbit") - saxophone, flute, clarinet
Macio Moretti vel. Maciej MoruĊ› (whom you know. or if you don't, you will) - drums

There's a little over a month to the premiere, so stay tuned for more news, the cover, the video,  and the tracklisting!

Hugs and  Up the Irons. \m/