August 2010
If you'd like Gaba's Radio 3 concert to be broadcast again, this Sunday (22.08) - VOTE! Each week, on Radio 3, you can vote for one out of two artists whose concerts you'd like to hear again

So, if you're in Poland send a text message to 71335: "Gaba Kulka" (+ your name)
(1,22 PLN

You can also listen to Radio 3 online:

On October 10th 2010 the album of classic Wojciech Mlynarski songs will have its premiere. Twelve new recordings, each with Gaba singing. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting new project.

Surprise! If you've got a moment to take a look around my new website, please do. very soon I will share with you all the details of the digital premiere of my albums, in the meantime take a peek into the "music" section and you won't be disappointed.
Remember to watch Twitter closely this week, there will be contests and the like!

<3 gaba