April 2010
Dear All,
On account of today's tragedy, the concert in Chorzow is, obviously, cancelled. You can return tickets in MDK Batory (we will probably come back to Chorzow in early June, and will see you then.)

I will let you know about the status of our upcoming shows as soon as I find out, in the meantime we're all recovering from the shock.

Take care,

Great news! May 15th I am playing the Cargo, in London. Let all your UK homegirls and homeboys know! I am SO looking forward to that.! (Melissa Auf Der Maur playes there on April 17th... yeah!)

In other news:
Today is the day the new, excellent Baaba album , 'Disco Externo', hits the stores in Poland.

I wrote the lyrics and sung all the vocals on track number 6, "ThingsImNot(Over and Over)", which makes me very glad, and I recommend the whole album, not just for my humble contribution to it. You can easily order it  HERE
Our complete collaboration with Baaba (as Baaba Kulka - the tribute to Iron Maiden) will be out in June as a DVD (live) + CD (dead) package.

In the meantime:
- You can watch my rather hilarious part in the short film advertising the new (and amazing) Copin museum in Warsaw. I jumped around the green screen and the rest was magic! (well, kind of). It's pretty amusing:

- ...if you read Polish, you can read the interview from "Existence".

- ...see a couple of nice photos from the concert  "Chopin Inspire Gainsbourg"

-...or if you're in Poland, come to the shows in Wroclaw Friday 9.04.2010 Wytwornia Filmow Fabularnych (trio: Kulka/Traczyk/Rasz) or Chorzów MDK Batory Saturday 10.04.2010.

- ... or you can FINALLY follow me on Twitter. We have just celebrated our 666th follower by giving away the new Baaba CD. Sounds nice? Join us!