January 2010
Today between 4-5 PM (CET) we will play three songs from the "Sleepwalk" album on Tv Polonia. Please check if your cable or sattelite can tune into this channel as it is broadcast worldwide (it's on Hot Bird, Astra i Eutelsat W3A and various cable networks).
All the best!
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Tomorrow, at 8 pm (CET) we will be playing live at the Polish Radio Program 3. You can listen online as well: http://www.polskieradio.pl/sluchaj/play.aspx?p=r3 ! We will play as Kucz/Kulka and will present the entire "Sleepwalk"album and some additional songs.

I would like to thank everyone for attending the Hanne Hukkelberg concerts in Cracow and Warsaw, in such great numbers. It was amazing - great job, Front Row Heroes, for organizing all this, I was honoured to open for Hanne.