December 2009


Dear Ones!
Have a peaceful and happy Christmas time.

This is an old recording and some of you know it well. The organ is the very same you hear on "Emily" on Hat, Rabbit

Many Hugs,

Passport bitte...

It appears that I have been nominated this year for Polityka's Passport  (Paszport Polityki 2009) in the 'popular music' category. Hurrah!


Tomorrow (Saturday12 th december) I'll see you at Forty Kleparz i Cracow, wehre I will play with Robert Rasz - songs from "Hat, Rabbit", "Out" and many more! tickets 20pln, we start at

Still in the old year, we're having the following shows:

- Next Saturday (dec 19th) I'm taking part, once more in the Kingdom of Music concert (a concert of songs from Disney movies, with visuals from the films, an orchestra and singers)  "Kr√≥lestwo Muzyki" will play 3 shows that day, so make sure you get the tickets to the hour that suits you best.
taking part in the great Dick4Dick sonsert, Maciek Szupica aka Wet Dick Junior aka the director of my video to 'Niejasnosci' is leaving the band and we'll be celebrating his time in D4D. The stage will be full of former Dick4Dick members (heh) and also Anna Patrini, Czeslaw Mozil, the band Gowno and...well, myself. It will be great fun. We're playing athe Parlament club in the old town.

2010 i s already shaping up to be exciting. Many Kucz/Kulka shows but also quite a few surprises. On Jan 21st and 22nd I'm teaming up with Jerzy Rogiewicz (from the trio Levity) to play support at the Warsaw and Cracow concerts of Hanne Hukkelberg which is terribly exciting! More news soon!