July 2009
Mad Trojmiasto Weekend number one is over. We came, we saw, we played at Top Trendy festival, we uploaded the video, and POLSAT took it down. Whatever. Soon comes Mad Trojmiasto Weekend number two: in the shape and form of the international music festival Heineken Open'er.  We'll see you on Friday at 9pm at the Tent Stage. We'll be playing in a more numerous set up: with backing vocals (Mela Koteluk and Ola Chludek), bass-clarinet (Waclaw Zimpel), various percussive instruments (Emi Barabasz) and maybe even a surprise guest!

The Ucho gig went very well, this Sunday, thank you for showing up in such numbers! Piotrek went a little crazy this time around, do excuse him - it must be the sea air, or something. Anyway, no more mic for this lad, thank you very much. There are some really nice pictures from the cocnert, though:

foto: Joanna "Frota" Kurkowska


http://eskaem.pl/GABAKULKA.html (ale fajna strona ten SKM. :-))

The second single - "Kara Niny" is now on the radio!

We held our first ever Twitter competition and a couple of copies of "Out" went out to people, based on a completely fair, analogue, wholesome manner of drawing bits of paper out of a hat. So keep your eye on Twitter, there will be more contests!