June 2009


Dear all, thank you for listening to the Radio 3 concert online, or by any other means you managed to hear it, if you did. We had a wonderful evening, and a lot of memories surfaced, and made our eyes well up, well, just a little bit. We played the Radio 3 hall two and a half years ago, and it was one of our FIRST gigs together. Actually, I think it was the first time Piotrek played guitar with me, because I do recall playing a few shows with Rasz and Kornel as a trio, but if I remember correctly, upon hearing that he's going to play with me, Piotrek attempted to cut off one of his fingers, and so we had to play without him. Fortunately for us, the finger healed for the radio 3 gig, and so the poor lad had no choice. So, yay for radio 3.

The coming weeks look to be pretty exciting:

  • This Thursday, in Jazzpoint (Zlote Tarasy, Warsaw) Raalya, aka MY BAND... will play a gig. With guests. Ok, with A guest. In short, I will not only cheer them from Table 1, but will also join them onstage for a couple of songs. You are VERY welcome, and you don't have to love sushi, just love Raalya (although I've heard there's some honest to goodness sushi at Jazzpoint.Thursday, June 18th, 9 PM

  • Friday the 19th at 10PM I will be the guest of Makak at  Antyradio . I am taking my keyboard along, and I will play a few songs on the air.

  • Next Saturday June 27th I will be joining Jan Mlynarski and his band, performing at the 100 year anniversary of Forest Opera in Sopot. We're going to play the immortal classic "Jestesmy na wczasach".

  • And the next day, Sunday June 28th, we're playing with Raalya at Ucho club, Gdynia.
That's about it, thank you very much. Love, Gaba